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Hey kids and parents! Welcome to our fun coloring pages that teach you all about general dentistry by showing you what will happen at your first dentist visit to Solana Beach Smiles in Solana Beach, CA. In general, dentistry can be a bit scary for kids because of the tools they will see and the slightly uncomfortable feel of someone poking about in their mouth. However, it is much less intimidating when kids know what to expect on their first visit. Teaching them the basics of general dentistry, including why it is important and what to expect will reduce this normal fear.

Mac the Martian is going to have some general dentistry work done on his teeth! Put these pages together to form a book and then color your way through Mac’s appointment. Learn what bacteria is, why it’s important to get it out of your mouth, and why everyone needs to brush and floss every day. Finish off your trip with healthy teeth and a visit from the Tooth Fairy who loves to reward kids for keeping their teeth healthy and clean. Parents or teachers, use the pictures and story as a way to begin talking to your child about proper dental hygiene, so they can become a pro at general dentistry skills like Mac the Martian!

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