We love kids and love to help them learn about our favorite topic: general dentistry! It’s important to begin talking to kids about their teeth, the dentist, and good oral health care early. Build strong oral health care habits by taking kids in routinely for their general dentistry appointments as soon as their first teeth erupt, if not earlier. Talk to your children about how to care for their teeth and gums early on, let them see you brushing and flossing regularly, and explain why regular dental visits are essential. If your kids are nervous about seeing Dr. Sidhu, please visit our Dental for Kids pages for some fun activities which can explain what they can expect at their visit and why it is important. Mac the Martian can answer some of the common general dentistry questions that little ones may have in a colorful way.

Feel free to use Mac as a non-threatening way to talk through general dentistry with your kids. We want all of our visitors to be comfortable and at ease in our office. Knowing that good oral health is important for more reasons than just white teeth, is a first step to building those lifelong health habits.

Please enjoy our Dental for Kids printable pages. Maybe you’ll even learn something about general dentistry, too!


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